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Experience the best cardio interval training ever. Your pulse will pound and you’ll do more than break a sweat. Our highly trained class instructor will take you through various heart rate zones, intervals and speeds using state-of-the-art treadmills, rowers and bikes. This effective cardio interval training offers you more variety. You’ll have more fun, burn more calories, lose more weight and experience more Afterburn.


Together, the best of classic and functional strength training combine to deliver the most amazing and effective one-hour workout you’ll ever experience. Dumbbells and TRX are utilized to help you achieve a leaner, stronger, healthier body. Calories are burned, muscles are strengthened, your core is tightened and results are achieved. It will have you coming back for more.


Our instructors will take you through a workout experience far beyond traditional sit-ups and crunches. Your muscles will be engaged as never before. Your waistline will be trimmed and you’ll achieve total body stability. It’s functional core training at it’s best – from shoulders to hamstrings. Kettlebells, the BOSU Ball and Ab Dolly are just a few of the exercises that will help you reach and exceed your fitness goals.

You’ll never
feel more alive

Our innovative and effective Solcioty workout involves five heart rate training zones, a motivating class instructor and one amazing hour of your time. While wearing a heart rate monitor, members are led through multiple intervals of exercise activities in a high-tech, high-energy environment where high-fives abound. Each zone represents an increased level of intensity. Heart rates go up, calories are burned and goals are reached.

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